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Non Delivery of Paper
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I am very disappointed that we NEVER receive any deliveries of the Central Coast Express Advocate. Our Neighbour receives it along with other houses along that end of street but it seems to stop being delivered from our home onwards down the rest of the street. Not good for anyone advertising in your paper. I have advised you by phone numerous times over the years.

Non delivery of paper
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I have contacted you by phone on 2 occasions and was told the paper would be delivered to us. The driver skips houses in the cul-de-sac on Wednesday and Friday and ignores me even when waving him down. I have rang you before and was told the distributor would fix it. I have not been receiving a paper since last year. I would appreciate this being fix as my business advertises in your paper. If two houses aren't receiving it in our street and how many others aren't being delivered. My addre... ss is 7 Bosun Cl Bateau Bay. I would like this issue to be dealt with immediately as told by phone it would be.   Read More...

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