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Over 2 million directories delivered FREE of charge throughout 29 regional areas of Queensland, New South Wales & Northern Territory. Local Search™ is a market leader in connecting buyers with sellers.

Since 1993, Local Search™, as a REAL ALTERNATIVE, has brought a refreshing new image to advertising. Compact and complete, Local Search™ combines traditional, time-tested features with exciting new innovations.

The concept is to combine the traditional telephone directory product with the innovation of an easier-to-handle local phone directory. The publications include both A-Z and classified sections, where all business and residential phone numbers are listed, detailed up-to-date street directories and other standard phone directory features such as government and community information.

Emergency Information

Emergencies happen quickly and unexpectedly. Local Search™ have Ambulance, Fire and Police numbers displayed clearly.

Parks & Reserves Guide

Includes dialing codes, time zones, and daylight saving dates for all states in Australia.

General Information

Includes dialing codes, time zones, and daylight saving dates for all states in Australia.

International Dialing Codes

Many people have family and friends overseas. This section provides international area codes. Time differences between Australia and other countries are listed.


When mailing to anywhere in Australia, this section will ensure you need look no further than your local directory.

Community Services Guide

Local Search™ are local phone directories. This section helps readers find services, associations and aid within their local community.

Government Information

Local Search™ eliminates the need to wade through pages to find a government number. All local, state and federal departments are listed in one compact section making them quick and easy to find.