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Have your Local Directories™ Phone Directory at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.

Local Directories™ Mobile App – Local Search allows you real-time access to business and residential listings from any of our directories. No more hassles with out-dated contacts as our information is updated daily.

The Local Directories™ mobile app for iPhone®, iPod® Touch, iPad® and Android®

Business Search

Quickly and easily search for local businesses. Use our category search to find exactly what you need from plumber to doctor, landscaper to ATM locater and much more. Whatever trade or business you need we can help find it.



Residential Search

Find any residential listing including landline and mobile phone numbers quickly and easily.

QR Code Reader

Local Search scans QR Codes and barcodes. With a single click of your Smartphone or tablet you will be redirected to Local Directory profile pages. QR Codes generated by Local Directories™ will take the user automatically to the corresponding business profile page or website.



Map View

The easiest way to find and locate multiple business locations in your surrounding area with Local Directories™.

Get Directions

Navigate easily to businesses from your current location using our turn-by-turn navigation aid.

Call Direct

Local Directories™ Mobile App offers a ‘Click-to-Call’ functionality that allows mobile phone users an easy way to call advertisers directly.

Save contact details

This is the easiest way to save any business contact details straight to your phones address book with the single click of a button.


Share business details of any Local Directories™ listing with your friends and family by using the share feature from any business profile page.